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Kate Roman ([personal profile] romankate) wrote2009-05-17 03:56 pm

Kate gets around...

I'm primarily over at LJ (I'm romankate over there too) but I wanted to have a wee presence here too, for the future and to see how things pan out.

On my LJ, you can find all my fanfic and other stuff about trying to live and write and actually turn into a professional author.

I might cross-post here from time to time, or maybe not! It all depends :)

Love to be friends over here or over there, at any rate.

Fanfic in the following Fandoms (not an exhaustive list by any means)

Starksy & Hutch
The Sentinel
Good Omens
Magnificent 7

Published Original Fic!

Search for the Yeti (in Torquere Taste Test Legendary Creatures)
Bryan is obsessed with finding the mythical yeti, and mountain guide Nic is mad about Bryan. When a snowstorm puts them both in danger, can Nic save his beautiful scholar or will the mountains - or the Yetis - prove too much for them both?